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E-Commerce Configurator, the multi-suppliers & multi-marketplaces workflow for catalogs and orders

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The ECC is the true simple solution to online sales lean. If you want provide service with little or no waste and you are a online pro seller, this tools is build for you.

Your customers don’t care about your process, They care about low treatment’s time, product’s price, and customers services.
Lean Management is easy, but you need a workflow to manage your process. Sell, accounting, suppliers catalogues, etc.

That’s why we developpe the ECC who permit to easely push and pull informations from anywhere to anywhere.

And the most important part is, you own the service, no extra fee, no membership, no re-billing, etc.

We are already compatible with lots of marketplaces, suppliers and e-commerce CMS.

You need to find catalogs to full yours, et voilà ! Just contact us for a free quotation.


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