The professional approach to add value to your customer offers.

Advices, Project Management & Support

Off course you need technology, but strategic advices we provide, personalized for each kind of business, are our important value add.

You need to be aware of best practices using web-based services at the real beginning of your project to include it to your process.

To sell on the Internet, we strongly suggest to have answers the following questions first :

  1. Do you need your own service run ?
  2. There is a marketplace for you ?
  3. Do you have experience with on-line selling or distance selling ?
  4. Do you need sell anywhere on the planet?
  5. Can you process payment ?
  6. Can you process shipping ?
  7. How you will manages suppliers catalogs update like prices, quantities, etc.  ?
  8. How you will manage customer’s feedback, items return, etc. ?

Otherwise we bet than you have 50% chances to make big mistakes. And the road will be long to rewind the unwanted effects.

That’s why you need a real partner who can share experiences and solutions.

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