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Of course, you need technology, but the strategic advice we provide is personalized for each kind of business for optimal value creation.

You need to be aware of best practices using web-based services at the beginning of your project to include it in your process.

First off, to sell on the Internet, we strongly suggest to have answers the following questions:

  1. Do you need your own service?
  2. Is there a marketplace for your business?
  3. Do you have experience with on-line selling and/or distance selling?
  4. Do you need to sell anywhere on the planet?
  5. Can you process payments?
  6. Do you require the need to process shipping?
  7. How do you manage suppliers’ catalogs and updates like price and quantities?
  8. How will you manage customer’s feedback, item returns or other queries?

If you feel you aren’t prepared to answer these questions, we bet that you have 50% chance of making significant mistakes. Our goal is to help you avoid the strenuous task of resolving unwanted difficulties before they happen.

This is where Ultra-Prod steps in as a real partner who can provide the experience necessary to boost your project with life-saving solutions!

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